Community Juvenile Services Board

Community Juvenile Services Board
Public Advisory Board:
The Sweetwater County Community Juvenile Services Board (SCCJSB) was established as an advisory board under Wyoming Statute 14-9-101 et seq., to advise on issues concerning juvenile services within the county.

A copy of the SCCJSB's most recent bylaws can be obtained by clicking this link.

The purpose of the SCCJSB is (i) to establish, maintain and promote the development of juvenile services that are aimed at early identification and diversion of children at risk of entry into the juvenile court system and preventing juvenile delinquency; and (ii) to allow decisions regarding juvenile services to be made at a local level.  The SCCJSB is not a separate legal entity.

A schematic that summarizes the Sweetwater County Juvenile Justice System can be viewed by clicking this link.

80 West Flaming Gorge Way, Green River, Wyoming, 82935 (Grants Administration Office).

The SCCJSB meets on the second Thursday in January, April, July and October at 8:30 a.m. in the Castle Rock Room at the Sweetwater County Courthouse in Green River.  Meetings are open to the public.

Board Composition and Membership: 
The SCCJSB consists of 12 members as specified by Wyoming Statute 14-9-105(a):

    (1)     Sweetwater County Commission Representative:  Karin Kelly, Chairwoman

    (2)     City of Rock Springs Police Department:  Nicole Rublee

    (3)     Sweetwater County Attorney's Office:  Damon DeBernardi, Vice-Chair

    (4)     Sweetwater County School District #1:  Kayci Arnoldi

    (5)     Wyoming Public Defender's Office:  vacant

    (6)     Sweetwater Count School District #2:  Alan Demaret

    (7)     Mental Health Professional:  Bernadine Craft

    (8)     Professional with knowledge in children or young adults:  Cindy Rodriguez

    (9)     Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office:  Dwaine Shafe

    (10)   City of Green River Police Department:  Kent Hemphill

    (11)   Wyoming Department of Family Services:  Lamar Westbrook, Secretary/Treasurer

    (12)   Southwest Counseling Service:  Michal Zanetti-Love

Community Needs Assessment:
A copy of the most recent Juvenile Services Needs Assessment is available by clicking this link.

Krisena Marchal, County Grants Manager
80 West Flaming Gorge Way, Suite 19
Green River, WY  82935
Tel. (307) 872-3888