District Board of Health

District Board of Health
The Sweetwater County District Board of Health Departments exists to promote and protect the health and living conditions of the citizens of Sweetwater County, Wyoming, and all who visit and pass through.

The primary operation of the Board and Departments exists to provide the following core health functions for all county citizens and visitors; monitoring of diseases and their prevention, community partnerships, adequate health care, quality food and water supplies, proper disposal of waste, clean and safe public facilities, a health informed and educated public.

It shall be the duty of the Board to take all measures necessary to provide the citizens and visitors in Sweetwater County with an educated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful Health Department Staff.

It shall be the duty of Health Department Staff to provide Sweetwater County Citizens and visitors with the highest level of service and effort in all areas which the Board and Departments are responsible.

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Board of Health Members

  • Resha Ball - Secretary
  • Greer Ferrero
  • Kathy Kumer
  • Melinda Poyer
  • Billy Shalata - Vice Chairperson
  • Sherry Schumacher
  • Dr. Shaziya Haque