Assessment Schedule

Assessment Schedule

The Notice of Assessment
Every year during the month of April, assessment schedules (also called Notices of Assessment) are mailed to each property owner. These notices list the legal description, estimated fair market value, and assessed value for the land, as well as the value for the improvements (buildings). Last year's tax amount for the parcel is also listed, as well as an estimated tax for the current year using the previous year's mill levy. The previous year's information is not listed on properties that did not exist in the previous year.

The Notice of Assessment is not a bill. It is for your information only. The actual tax bill is sent in September by the Treasurer's Office after the Board of County Commissioners, school boards, towns, and special districts hold budget hearings and the final mill levy is confirmed by the county commissioners.

What You Need To Do
When you receive the Notice of Assessment, open and review it immediately. Pay particular attention to the fair market value. If the value is within reason and no errors are noted on the Notice of Assessment, no further action is required. If you disagree with the value, call or come by the Assessor's Office at (307) 872-3700 as soon as possible to initiate a review process. The Assessor's Office is located at:
80 W. Flaming Gorge Way
Suite 122
Green River, WY 82935

There is an official 30-day appeal period from the postmark date of the Notice of Assessment. The assessor will talk with you about your valuation or visit your property at your request.

*Notice of Assessments were mailed April 20th, the deadline for appeal is May 20th, please contact the Assessors Office with any questions. Please Note: The owner must provide an action desired such as a estimate of value as of Januray 1, 2012. Statements of "it's too high" or "it's wrong" are vague and not definable.