Field Property Review

Field Property Review

Rotating Reviews
The Assessor's Office is required to review all properties within the county every six years. This review includes checking the size, type, condition, and any other characteristic information of all improvements on the property. These field reviews are a requirement of Wyoming Statutes (Title 39) and Department of Revenue Rules and Regulations (Chapter 9). This helps us ensure the information used in the valuation process is current and accurate.

Field reviews are also made when a building permit has been issued.  Once a building permit has been issued by a municipality or the county, the property is checked every year until the project is completed.

About Our Field Crew & Review Process
The Assessor's Office has a staff of field crew conducting these inspections. These employees have photo identification issued by the Assessor's Office and drive a vehicle with the Sweetwater County Assessors logo.

The first step in every property visit is for the field crew to go to the door, identify themselves, and explain the purpose of their visit. If no one is home, they leave a door hanger stating that they had been there and there is usually a note stating whether the taxpayer needs to contact the Assessor's Office about any additional information needed. The field crew then takes pictures and measurements of the buildings, and makes note of any changes.
Common changes include - Additions, Decking, Roofing, Siding etc.

Contact Us
For additional information about field property reviews, please contact the Assessor's Office at (307) 872-3700.