Forms to File

Forms to File
Commercial Agricultural or Industrial 
Commercial, agricultural, or industrial businesses must file Form ATD 25 every year by March 1. If an ATD 25 has been filed in a previous year, the Assessor’s Office will mail an ATD 25 listing information provided in previous years. 

View How to Complete Form ATD 25

The Wyoming Department of Revenue also has general information on filing out Form ATD 25. 

Oil & Gas Industry 
Businesses in the Oil and Gas Industry must file either Form ATD 39 for Drilling Rig Equipment and/or Form ATD 40 for Oil and Gas Field Equipment. 

For current information on how to fill out ATD 40 Oil & Gas rendition please read: Instructions for completing ATD 40. 

For Fire Suppression Exemption Application and Pollution Control Exemption Application must be post marked NO LATER  than February 15.