Manufactured / Mobile Homes

Manufactured / Mobile Homes

Defining Manufactured Homes
Formerly referred to as mobile homes or trailers but with many more style options than in the past, manufactured houses are built in a factory. They conform to a federal building code, called the HUD code, rather than to building codes at their destinations. A HUD-manufactured home is designed for mobile home parks and comes with a title like a vehicle. A manufactured / mobile home can be skirted or placed on a permanent foundation, however manufactured homes are built on a non-removable steel chassis. 

  • Ownership (titling a manufactured home) -  If you received a manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO) when you purchased the home you should have a title issued in your name from the County Clerk’s Office.
  • Selling - If the manufactured home was previously titled (i.e., the previous owner has signed off on the title), take that title to the County Clerk’s Office and have a title issued in your name. You will also need to make sure the taxes are current with Treasurer's Office in order to transfer the title.

Defining Modular Homes
Modular homes are built in sections at a factory. Sections are transported to the building site on truck beds, then joined together by local contractors. Local building inspectors check to make sure a modular home’s structure meets requirements and that all finish work is done properly. A UBC modular home is built to the Uniform Building Code (UBC).

Modular homes are sometimes less expensive per square foot than site built houses. A well-built modular home should have the same longevity as its site-built counterpart, increasing in value over time. A UBC modular home is not a HUD-manufactured home.

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