Board of County Commissioners

Board of County Commissioners
**Notice Regarding the County Commissioner Meeting for April 7, 2020

So as to comply with State Public Health Orders and COVID-19 restrictions, the Board of County Commissioner Meeting scheduled for April 7, 2020 will not be accessible at the County Courthouse, rather it will be held using video conferencing technology. 

Those presenting at the meeting will be receiving a meeting invite via e-mail. 

As always, the public is invited to watch the proceedings on the County YouTube channel where the meeting will be broadcast.

The public will be able to comment immediately following the public hearing presentation and also during the public comment section of the agenda by calling (307) 872-3891 or by sending comments ahead of time via email to or by mail to

Public Comments
C/O Sweetwater County Clerk
80 W. Flaming Gorge Way Suite 150
Green River, WY 82935

If you are in need of accommodation beyond the above-identified access, please call in advance to discuss other options.  If you have any questions about how to participate in a public Board of County Commissioner meeting, please contact Sally Shoemaker at 307-872-3890 or via e-mail at


The Board of County Commissioners is the general administrative body for county government and is responsible for making decisions to make the county a better place to live and work.

Individual commissioners have no power to act independently. All formal and official actions taken by the Board of County Commissioners must be by majority or unanimous vote in a public meeting. Commissioners also appoint department heads of offices for which they have responsibility. They appoint members to a variety of boards and commissions. Additionally, individual commissioners serve on other boards that serve the interest of county citizens. Learn more about the commission's representation on county boards and departments.

Fiscal Year & Budget
The county’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30 of each year. Each summer the commissioners set the budget for the coming fiscal year. A series of work sessions are held from May through June for the budget discussion and consideration. Commissioners must work with all other county elected officials and with judges to assure that all offices of county government are properly funded to perform statutory duties.

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