Powers & Duties

Powers & Duties
The powers of the county shall be exercised by the Board of County Commissioners, which include the power to:
  • Declare and abate nuisances which the commission determines a threat to health or safety
  • Establish a surface water drainage system, utilities and drainage management
  • Exercise other powers as provided by law
  • Make contracts and perform other acts relating to the property and concerns of the county in the exercise of its corporate or administrative law
  • Purchase property for the use of the County and acquire real property tax sales, as provided by law
  • Sell or convey property owned by the County, when it is in the best interest of the County
  • Sue and be sued

Overall, counties are able to establish and maintain senior citizen centers, contract needed human services, and construct or purchase public buildings or facilities jointly with City Council officials. Additionally, counties are required to provide and maintain a suitable courthouse, jail, and other necessary county buildings.

Regulating Statutes
View Wyoming Statute 18-3-504 outlining the general powers and duties of each Board of County Commission.