Payment Methods
Fees may be paid by cash, check, attorney business check, money order, or cashier's check. (We cannot accept payments made by personal check.) Make checks payable to the Clerk of District Court. Please note that credit cards are not accepted at this time.

Filing Fees
Filing Type Cost
Child support abatement or objection $10
New filing of civil or adoption $120
Registration of foreign judgment $120
Reopen for modification or order to show cause $120
New filing of estate, probate, or guardianship $160

Jury Demand Fees
Filing Type Cost
6-person jury $50
12-person jury $150

 Filing Type Cost
Appeal to District Court, Lower Court, or Judicial Review $100 - Fee made payable to Clerk of District Court
$120 - Petition for Review from Administrative Agency
Appeal or Certified to Supreme Court District Court fee of $100 (made payable to Clerk of District Court) and a Supreme Court fee of $140 (made payable to Clerk of the Supreme Court)

Passport Fees
Filing Type Cost
Child passport (under 16 years) $115
Adult passport (16 years and older) $145
Expedited passport  $60 

Record Checks
Item Request Cost 
For each and every alias which is dissimilar to original name $10
For each name or reasonable derivation / spelling $10
Copies of documents after search See below charge for copies 

Miscellaneous Fees
Item Request Cost 
Authentication or Exemplification $5 
Certification $0.50 
  • First page (including docket sheet) - $1
  • Each additional page (including docket sheet) - $0.50
  • Each page faxed (including docket sheet) - $1
Fax/Email Fee $1 per page to transmit & receive