Under the direction of the Wyoming Supreme Court, the Citizen's Access to Courts Committee (CACC) developed packets of forms and instructions for pro-se (do-it-yourself) litigants to use in certain domestic relations cases. The supplying of these forms in cooperation with the CACC and Supreme Court should not be construed as an endorsement by either the Court or Clerk of Court's Office of the use of these forms. This office continues to recommend to pro-se litigants that they contact an attorney.

These packets are available online at no cost. Choose the Self-Help Center link once you get to the site. You may also purchase a printed packet at this office, as well as at any Clerk of District Court's Office in the State of Wyoming. Each packet is $10. The packets must be purchased in person, and no refunds will be given for returned packets. The packets available are:
  • Divorce With Children
    • Answer to Divorce With Children
  • Divorce With No Children
    • Answer to Divorce With No Children
  • Petition to Modify Child Support
  • Petition to Modify Child Custody
  • Petition for Order to Show Cause

Temporary Guardianship of Related Minor Child
The AARP of Wyoming and the Casey Foundation have made available forms and instructions to file for temporary guardianship of related minor child. These forms, as well as related information, are available online, at no charge, on the AARP website

Forms Available Online