Clerk of District Court

Clerk of District Court
Donna Lee Bobak 
Clerk of District Court 

P.O. Box 430 
80 W. Flaming Gorge Way 
Suite 255 
Green River, WY 82935 

Ph: (307) 872-3820 
Ph: (307) 922-5246 - Rock Springs
Fx: (307) 872-3986

Jury Information Line 
Ph: (307) 872-3972 - Green River 
Ph: (307) 922-5472 - Rock Springs 

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

As of May 24, 2021, the entrance to Clerk of District Court's Office is opened. You must continue to enter through security and there is a mask mandate while on the floor. 

The Clerk of District Court's Office will continue with the conveniences offered during the pandemic; i.e. use of the drop box, credit card payments and fax/emailing pleadings. Please see below for more details.

The Clerk of District Court’s Office continues to be open from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.. Please call 872-3820 or 922-5246 to speak with a clerk regarding your concerns.

Court Appearances
Contact your attorney prior to appearing for a court setting.  You may not  need to appear in person.  If you do not have an attorney, please contact the Clerk of Court’s office for direction.   If you are not required to appear at a court proceeding, you are encouraged not to attend.

Child Support/Criminal Payments
We are encouraging you to send your child support payments by mail to: Clerk of District Court, P O Box 430, Green River WY 82935. Please provide your name, case number and a phone number where you can be reached to ensure proper receipt of your payment.  Child Support payments may also be paid at the Wyoming State Disbursement Unit at: WY SDU, 2300 Capitol Ave., 5th Floor, Suite A, Cheyenne, WY  82002 or

 There will be a drop box at the West entrance of the courthouse. DO NOT DROP OFF CASH. Your payment (money order/check) must be in a sealed envelope with your name, case number and a phone number where you can be reached.

 Child support and/or Criminal payments may also be made by phone with a credit card. There is a vendor service fee of $1.50 for transactions less than $50 and 2.49% of payment for transactions greater than $50.

Passports services of any type will not be available at the Clerk of Court’s Office. Passports and passport applications are available at the U.S. Post Office in Rock Springs, WY.  Forms are available and applications may be completed on-line at:

Pro se packets are available for $10. You may purchase a pro se packet by phone with a credit card plus the cost of shipping. You may also visit the website to download the appropriate packet at no cost.

 The Clerk of Court’s office will also accept fax or email filings.  The cost of fax/email filing is $1 per page. You must use the central email address:  Do not send documents for filing to an individual clerk’s email address unless instructed otherwise.  Initial pleading (information, complaint, petition, etc.) must be submitted in paper with the filing fee. No confidential document or any paper containing unredacted confidential information shall be filed by email.

**End of Notice**

The Clerk of District Court is responsible for accurately and effectively processing and managing the case files and court records of the Third Judicial District Court, Sweetwater County, and providing reliable public information and customer service in a timely manner to any person who requests assistance.

The clerk has many duties, which include the processing of cases and court-ordered payments as well as the administration of appeals and jury trials.  We accept credit cards for any type of payment except for passport fees.

Items Not Handled by the District Court
Please note that the District Court does not handle traffic citations, misdemeanors, or any offense that resulted in the issuance of a ticket. View additional information about tickets and citations.

Obtaining Legal Advice
The Clerk of District Court's Office is dedicated to efficiently and effectively assisting the citizens of Sweetwater County and all other individuals or agencies in need of our services. However, Wyoming Statute 5-3-213 prohibits the clerk of court or deputy clerks to give legal advice. If you are in need of legal assistance you may contact the following organizations: