Criminal Division

Criminal Division
The Criminal Division of the Sweetwater County Attorney's Office consists of the County Attorney and nine  Deputy County Attorneys.  

The Sweetwater County Attorney's Office Criminal Division is responsible for the prosecution of violations of Wyoming state law within Sweetwater County which includes the prosecution of a large variety of crimes, including traffic offences, misdemeanors and felony crimes.    

Adult felony cases are referred to the office from all law enforcement agencies within Sweetwater County.   Case files are prepared from these referrals and routed to an attorney.  Cases are reviewed by a prosecuting attorney who determines whether: 1) additional law enforcement investigation is required;  2) the case should be declined as legally insufficient; or 3) felony charges should be filed.  If charges are filed, the case proceeds through arraignment, trial or other disposition, and sentencing. Further case work may be required if an appeal is filed or the defendant commits a violation of probation.

Misdemeanor cases are also referred to the office from law enforcement agencies within Sweetwater County.   These cases are processed through one of the two Circuit Courts in either Rock Springs or Green River.  

The Sweetwater County Attorney's Office works with local law enforcement to protect the citizens of Sweetwater County by taking dangerous and violent offenders off the street.  

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