Juvenile Division

Juvenile Division
The Sweetwater County Attorney's Office Juvenile Division is responsible for working with local agencies, including law enforcement, Department of Family Services, Juvenile Probation and others, to prosecute juvenile offenders and to protect juveniles who have been the victims of abuse and / or neglect. 

The Juvenile Division consists of two full time Deputy County Attorneys who are specifically assigned to handle juvenile cases, but other Deputy County Attorneys in the office also assist in juvenile cases.  

The Juvenile Division handles a wide variety of matters, among which are the following: 
•Delinquent Acts - Acts which would be a criminal offense if committed by an adult 
•Children In Need Of Supervision (C.H.I.N.S.) cases - Involving habitual truancy, curfew violations, runaways, incorrigible conduct or other status offenses (Acts which are considered a criminal offense due to the age of the juvenile offender, such as tobacco violations, alcohol possession and consumption, etc.) 
•Protective Services cases - Where action is initiated to protect a child's welfare or safety, such as in investigations of abuse or neglect or where a family requests assistance. 
•Termination of Parental Rights cases - In extreme cases of abuse or neglect where family reunification is not appropriate or possible.

Juvenile Cases are Confidential 

Juvenile Court matters are confidential and are not open to the public. Because of the confidentiality of Juvenile Court records, specific case information may not be disclosed over the phone.