Absentee Voting

Absentee Voting
Required Information for requesting an Absentee Ballot:
Any registered voter in Wyoming may request an absentee ballot for any or all elections ONLY within the calendar year in which the election is held but not on the day of the election. When requesting an absentee ballot, you must provide the following and absentee ballot request information:
  • Full Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Your current Wyoming residence address including your house number, street, city, county and zip code;
  • The mailing address where your ballot should be mailed;
  • The election(s) for which the absentee ballot is requested;
  • If for a primary election, the political party ballot you wish to vote. (You must be a registered member of that political party.) If you are not, please contact your county clerk on how to update your voter registration information; and
  • A statement that you are eligible to vote in the election(s). (This repealer was adopted in Jackson on September 16 and will go forward either to the November meeting in Cheyenne or go straight to the session.)
How do I request an Absentee Ballot?
  • By phone - Call your county clerk at 307-872-3733
  • By Mail - Print and fill out the application form and mail to your county clerk:
    • 80 W Flaming Gorge Way, Ste. 155, Green River, WY 82935
  • By Email - Put "Absentee Ballot Request" in the subject line
    • Elections@sweet.wy.us
  • Online Request Form - Follow the link to the form
Where can I receive or pick up my Absentee Ballot?
  • Any voter can pick up their absentee ballot as early as 45 days prior to the election or any day after by visiting their county clerk's office but not on Election Day.
  • Mailed ballots will be sent 45 days before the election to all voters who have requested that an absentee ballot be mailed. Absentee ballot requests received after 45 days will be sent as soon as possible. (Mail delivery within the county may take up to (7) days, and longer if your mailing address is outside the county.)
Where do I return my completed Absentee Ballot?
All Absentee ballots must be received in the county clerk's office no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. Ballots arriving after the deadline will not be counted.

Ballots may be returned to the county clerk in the following ways:
1. In person - bring your completed absentee ballot in the signed envelope to your county clerk's office.
2. By mail - mail your completed absentee ballot in the provided envelope to your county clerk's office. (Mail delivery within the county may take up to seven (7) days, and longer if you're mailing your ballot from outside the county.)

80 W Flaming Gorge Way, Ste. 155
Green River, WY 82935

How do I track my Absentee Ballot?
Contact your county clerk for information on the status of your ballot.