The Sweetwater County Emergency Management Agency has created a list of emergency situations that are most likely to occur in Sweetwater County. Clicking on a situation will show a checklist of steps to take, or information to gather and pass on to emergency personnel. 

Aviation Use this link if an expected aircraft is overdue, or if a crash has been observed.
Bomb Threat For use if a Bomb Threat is made on a school, public building, government facility, etc.
Civil Disorder Use this link in case of a strike, jail situation, or a hostage situation
Dam Failure Dams are located at Flaming Gorge, State Line, Meeks Cabin, Fontenelle and Big Sandy Reservoirs.
Earthquake Several faults are located within Sweetwater County.
Flood Sweetwater County is at risk for flash floods.
Hazardous Materials Fixed Facility Mines, chemical facilities, and oil and gas production/service companies all may have hazardous materials on site.
Hazardous Materials Transportation Accident Use in case of a spill due to highway, rail, or aviation accident. 
High Winds Tornados do occur in Sweetwater County.
Power Outage Coming Soon
Pipeline Ruptures Many pipelines crisscross Sweetwater County. Some are very close to residential areas.
Search and Rescue Operations Both land and water searches can be conducted.
Structural Fire Use for structural fires.
Subsidence May occur in areas that have been heavily undermined.
Terrorism Use if suspicious activity that may relate to terrorism is noticed
Transportation Accidents Use in case of multiple vehicle, multiple injury, bus, aviation, or rail accidents.
Wildland Fire Use for wildland fires
Winter Storms Use for massive power outages, road closures, stranded passengers, etc.