Green River Basin Pipeline Association

Green River Basin Pipeline Association
The Green River Basin Pipeline Association consists of members from Emergency Management and the Pipeline companies in Sweetwater, Sublette and Lincoln Counties, Wyoming and Daggett County, Utah. 

The Association in conjunction with Emergency Management and WyPA (Wyoming Pipeline Association) put on a Seminar each year to educate the response agencies and the contractors on pipeline safety. Some of the topics include the pipeline products that are going through the county, the size of pipe, the pressures and potential damages that can occur as a result of a line break. The presenters cover what should be done when a line is compromised in order to keep the responders and contractors safe. Booths are set up that show the areas the pipelines are located, the product they carry, along with other interesting information. This has been an excellent gathering for all the entities to get to know each other before an incident occurs. 

 Chair   Jessica Sikich
 Vice-Chair   Tyrell Gilmore
 Treasurer   Dallin Lancaster
 Secretary   Emily Covey
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Mission Statement 
"Through education and information the Green River Basin Pipeline Association promotes the safe and reliable transportation of energy."