This page contains the Sweetwater County/Local Governmental Agencies Plan for crisis management and disaster operations.  The Sweetwater County/Local Governmental Agencies Emergency Operations Plan consists of a “Basic” section, “Emergency Support Functions (ESFs)” and “Annexes.”  The plan is modeled after the National Response Framework (NRF), with overarching “Support Annexes” and “Incident-specific Annexes”.  The support annexes address broad administrative and procedural functions that relate to many ESFs and Incident Annexes.  Incident Annexes are designed for specific hazards that may occur in this county.  The Emergency Support Functions and the annexes assign related responsibilities and tasks to various agencies/departments.  Each agency/department is responsible for developing its own implementing instructions to carry out assigned responsibilities.  Those implementing instructions can include the agency’s/department’s continuity of operations plan, crisis management plans, standard operating guidelines and checklists.

This plan was developed by the Sweetwater County Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security through a cooperative effort of response agency personnel, public officials, and others who have a vested interest in the health, safety and welfare of the people in this county.
Emergency Operations Plan

Dam Failure and Flood Hazard Annex
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