Special Needs - Unable to Self Evacuate

Special Needs - Unable to Self Evacuate
For people who have special needs/UTSE (Unable to Self Evacuate) decisions and plans should be made in advance of an emergency. Sweetwater County has several Service Providers, Assisting Agencies and programs to help.  

Each agency should have a current list of clients who use their services. These clients have medical problems of the degree that they may need special help in an emergency. In a disaster or emergency, we may have a reason to contact these agencies to inform them of what is happening and what dangers we know of. They should make decisions concerning what help their clients might need and how to help them. EMA can assist the agency by locating and coordinating needed resources. 

This program is for anyone with disabilities or special health problems. These clients have chosen to use this program in advance of an emergency. They receive a red plastic envelope that says “File of Life” on it from any of several agencies that are distributing them.  The individual fills out the envelope insert with their special medical information. They place it on their home refrigerator door, and when a responder comes into their home for any reason, they are expected to find the “File of Life” envelope on the client’s refrigerator. (The File of Life is an added resource to aid the responders in helping the victim should they not be able to communicate with the responders.) The responders use the medical information to better assist the client. Some clients may carry wallet-size envelopes for the standard size for the same purpose outside of their homes. 

Quarterly Preparedness Blitz's 
The Sweetwater County Special Needs/UTSE (Unable to Self Evacuate) Committee utilizes quarterly blitz's.