Sweetwater Co. Animal Response Team (SCART)

Sweetwater Co. Animal Response Team (SCART)
The Sweetwater County Animal Response Team (SCART) was formed as a result of the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act). Hurricane Katrina has clearly shown that when given a choice between their own personal safety and abandoning their household pets, a significant number of people will choose to risk their lives in order to remain with their pets. This makes disaster preparedness and response for animal related personnel an essential undertaking. Animal and human populations receive greater quality care when disaster response plans are developed before the disaster, not during the actual event. 

Who Are We? - We are a team of individuals working together to help animals in an emergency situation. Our team is made up of professionals and volunteers from throughout Sweetwater County. We are organized, prepared, and trained to respond. 

*Contact Sweetwater County Emergency Management for more information and to learn about joining our team.


Team Coordinator - Kim Wilkins

 Secretary - Karla Roich