Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits
Compensation Pay Plan
Sweetwater County maintains and updates a classification and pay plan for all positions in the County government.  This is in recognition of the need for a means of orderly identification of specific classes of work, as well as a determination of equitable pay levels for the classes of work identified.  Such a pay plan also provides a mechanism for the County Commission to manage a large share of the County’s budget dedicated for employee salaries.

This is a brief overview of the benefits currently offered by Sweetwater County Government and is subject to change without notice. If an employee is hired into a benefit eligible position, he will receive additional information during new employee orientation.

The following information is based on full-time employment. Part-time employee benefits are pro-rated. Seasonal employees are not eligible for benefits. 

Insurance becomes effective the first day of the month following an employee's date of hire. Health, dental, vision, insurance coverage cannot be unbundled.  In other words you cannot select single health insurance and family dental and vision insurance coverages. 

Part-time employees are not eligible for health, dental, vision, life, or long term disability insurances.

Sweetwater County Benefits Summary

Health Insurance
Sweetwater County provides Health Insurance through a self-funded plan.  The County pays the cost of single coverage for full-time employees.  If an employee selects health insurance for eligible dependents, the employee is required to pay a portion of the premium.  

A Prescription Plan is included as a benefit in the Medical plan.   

Health Insurance Compliance Notifications Plan Year 2012
Dental Insurance
The County pays the employee's dental premium. If an employee selects  dependent coverage, the employee is required to pay a portion of the premium.  
Vision Insurance
The County pays the employee's vision premium.  If an employee selects dependent coverage, the employee is required to pay a portion of the premium.
Life, AD&D and Long Term Disability
The County provides each full time employee $30,000 of basic life and AD&D insurance, $2,000 on their spouse, and $1,000 on dependent children.  

In the event of a disability extending past the expiration of an employee's short term disability, an employee may qualify for long-term disability benefit. This coverage is provided by the County at no cost to the employee.  
Flexible Spending Account
The County offers employees a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), also called a flex plan or reimbursement account.  This plan is an employer sponsored plan that allows an employee to pay for eligible medical expenses on a pre-tax basis, which can save an employee 10% to 30% depending on his personal tax rate. The plan is funded through an employee's monthly payroll deduction.

The funds in an employees FSA can only be used for expenses incurred within the benefit plan year.  Unused FSA contributions will revert to Sweetwater County.  They cannot be transferred to another account or rolled over from plan year to plan year.  

The FSA allows an employee to set aside up to $5,000 in pre-tax dollars to pay most out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision care, and prescription expenses.  These include medical and dental deductibles and copayments, prescriptions, eye glasses, dental and orthodontic work not covered by most insurances (upon an approved contract with orthodontist/dentist).
Wyoming State Retirement
Participation in the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS) pension plan is mandatory for all full-time and part-time employees. The County pays the entire contribution for full-time employees and pays a portion of the contribution for part-time employees. This valuable benefit provides retirement income based upon salary, length of service and/or contributions. Visit the WRS website for more information.

Post-Retirement Employment - Wyoming Retirement Systems (WRS):

If you have ever been an active member in the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS) or are retired under WRS, and are considering employment, contact WRS to see how recent legislative changes may affect you. Information is available on the WRS website at, or you can contact a WRS representative at (307) 777-7691.

Deferred Compensation Plans
Participation in a 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan is voluntary and is funded through employee contributions, via payroll deduction.  Contributions may be made on a pre-tax or after-tax basis.  Maximum contribution limits are regulated by IRS rules. 
Vacation Leave 

Vacation Leave is accrued based on the following schedule:

Full-time employees:    

  • 0-5 years: 6.67 hours per month 
  • After 5 years: 10 hours per month
  • After 10 years: 13.33 hours per month
  • After 20 years: 16.67 hours per month

Part-time employees:

Vacation leave is based on the same schedule as full-time, however, the accrual is prorated dependent on the total hours worked during the month.