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The animal control unit operates at the direction of the administration section captain.  We currently employ one full-time animal control officer, who patrols and responds to service calls related to stray animals and investigates cases involving abused, neglected or dangerous animals.  Our animal control officer also works closely with state livestock officers, who address livestock matters including investigating complaints of livestock-at-large on public highways and private property, the neglect and abuse of livestock and the rural patrol of fixed and mobile livestock operations and camps.

The animal control unit works in close conjunction with several area facilities designated for the care and maintenance of impounded animals including the Green River Animal Control Shelter, the Rock Springs Animal Control Shelter and the Red Desert Humane Society.

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For more information about our animal control program, or to report an at-large, dangerous or abused/neglected animal, please contact us by phone at (307) 875-1400 or (307) 922-5321.

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