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The civil process program operates at the direction of the administration section captain.  The principal duty of our civil process servers is to serve legal documents issued by the courts (including criminal subpoenas, jury summons, civil complaints, small claims notifications and other court orders) to defendants or other parties involved in a court case or other legal proceeding.  Our civil process servers adhere to strict statutory guidelines governing the process of service so as to ensure due process of law and to protect the constitutional rights of all involved in a given legal matter.

Civil Service Request
We charge a $50.00 fee to serve civil papers.  Payment must be made by business check, money order or exact cash; we no longer accept personal checks.  Clients may drop off documents at Sweetwater County Sheriff's office 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, or by mail in an envelope labeled "Attention: Civil Process."  Please include the $50.00 fee per-service, a prepaid return envelope, your contact information, the papers to be served and a return of service. 

Certificate of sale
A certificate of sale (often incorrectly referred to as a "sheriff's title") may also be obtained at the civil process office.  A certificate of sale is meant for abandoned property only.  It is not meant for property bought without titles or lost titles.  You may print your own copy of the instructions needed for a certificate of sale here or pick them up at our office.

Feed lien
For questions about livestock feed liens please follow directions here.

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Contact Us
For more information about our civil process program, or for any questions regarding civil process matters, please contact us by phone at (307) 872-3866 or by fax (307)922-5484

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