Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office

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Agency Overview
Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office is a medium-sized law enforcement organization of approximately 75 sworn and 100 total personnel tasked with serving about 45,000 citizens throughout the jurisdictional boundaries of all 10,500 square miles of Sweetwater County, Wyoming.

Agency Organization
The Sheriff's Office is currently organized into three overarching sections - administration, detention and operations.  Each section is led by a section captain, who reports directly to the Sheriff, along with a section lieutenant, with multiple operational divisions and units under each section captain's command.  Together, the Sheriff and three section captains are collectively referred to as the command or executive staff.

The administration section currently oversees four different operational units including civil process, animal control, emergency management (which includes search and rescue and other volunteer groups) and civilian staff (which includes records and office management).

The detention section is primarily tasked with managing the day-to-day operations of Sweetwater County Detention Center, but is further subdivided into several different specialized operational units (including CERT, court security, inmate services and transports).

The operations section currently comprises two main operational divisions - patrol and detectives.  The patrol and detective divisions are also further subdivided into several different specialized operational units (such as SWAT, EOD, SNAAG, etc.).

Overall, the Sheriff's Office today is organized not only to successfully fulfill our statutory and constitutional obligations, but also to ensure we effectively meet the ever-changing public safety demands of the world in which we live while offering a variety of community-oriented services to our county and its residents. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently contribute to a safe and secure living environment for all by providing quality law enforcement and support services to the citizens and communities of Sweetwater County.  We will accomplish this by maintaining public trust and cooperation with all public service agencies within the resources provided to us.

Contact Us
The administrative offices of Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office are located at:

50140B U.S. Highway 191 South
Suite 100
Rock Springs, WY 82901
Phone: (307) 922-5300
Fax: (307) 922-5483

If you have an emergency, please call 911.  If not an emergency, but you require assistance from a deputy, please call Sweetwater Combined Communications Center's non-emergency line at (307) 875-1400 or (307) 362-6575.
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