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The patrol division operates the the direction of the patrol division sergeant and operations section lieutenant.  Day-to-day patrol activities are immediately supervised and managed by patrol corporals.  Our patrol division currently employs approximately 20 state-certified peace officers including 4 patrol supervisors split between 4 crews to provide around-the-clock policing services to the citizens and communities of Sweetwater County (including resident patrol deputies to service outlying communities throughout the county such as Farson-Eden).

Patrol deputy sheriffs are responsible for a broad range of tasks and duties including answering calls-for-service, responding to emergencies, assisting and protecting the public, assisting emergency fire and medical personnel and other public service agencies, enforcing the traffic code and highway criminal interdiction, investigating crimes, serving criminal and civil papers, maintaining public order, and issuing citations or making arrests for alleged violations of state statute.

In addition to these primary duties, many of our patrol deputies also serve important secondary, specialty roles for our agency such as K-9 officer, SWAT team member, bomb squad technician, drug recognition expert, DARE officer and firearms instructor.

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For additional information about our patrol division, or to submit a crime tip, please contact us at (307) 922-5349.

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