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The records division operates at the direction of the administration section captain.  As the name suggests, the records division provides a vital support and administrative service to our agency as it is the official records-keeper for all major divisions within the Sheriff's Office.  In addition to processing, managing and organizing all paperwork from all major divisions throughout our agency, including all incident reports, citations, summons and field contact information, records personnel also often serve important investigative functions such as providing historical crime and arrest data pertinent to deputies' and investigators' new and continuing investigations.  Records also routinely interfaces with not only the public but also many surrounding agencies in disseminating official agency correspondence and acts as the de facto liaison between our agency, the courts and attorneys.

Report Request

A report request form, with instructions, may be found here.  Reports are only released in accordance with law.  We require a $5 non-refundable fee per report copy requested.  Payment must be made by check (payable to "Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office"), money order or exact cash.   Please hand-deliver or mail the completed report request form along with the requisite service fee and a prepaid return envelope to:

Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office
Attention: Records
50140B HWY 191 South
Suite 100
Rock Springs, WY 82901

You may also opt for electronic delivery of your report request.  Again, please refer to the Report Request Form for details.

Report requests are processed in the order in which they are received and reviewed with a minimum of delay.  If your report request is declined, we will provide a written explanation as to why your request was denied.  In either case, we will notify you as promptly as possible.

Crash Reports
The State of Wyoming manages the release of traffic crash reports.  Information about, and requests for the release of, traffic crash reports are available from Wyoming's Accident Records Division at (307) 777-4450.

Contact Us
If you would like more information about our records division, or have any questions related to records request, please contact us by email here, or by phone at (307) 922-5305

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