Personalize & Special Plates

Personalize & Special Plates

The following special license plates are processed by WYDOT (Wyoming Department of Transportation) in conjunction with the county treasurer’s office. Some of these plates require a county treasurer to approve them prior to submitting the application to WYDOT. In addition, some of the specialty plates require an extra fee to be remitted with the application. 
Please go to forms page for applications on the specific plate you are interested in: 

  • Prestige Plates 
  • Radio Amateur  
  • Former POW 
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor 
  • Disabled Veteran 
  • National Guard 
  • Purple Heart Recipient 
  • Firefighter 
  • EMT 
  • University of Wyoming 
  • Veteran Plates  
  • Embossed Plates  
  • Gold Star Plates 
  • Choice Disabled Veteran Plates 

The following plates are issued through WYDOT-Motor Vehicles Services only: 

  • Pioneer Plates for Antique Motor Vehicles  
  • Street Rod and Custom Vehicle  
  • Sample 
  • Novelty 

Handicapped Plates 
Handicapped plates are obtained by having a doctor complete the form obtained from the County Treasurer’s Office or the local Wyoming Driver’s License Office. Once the form is completed, it must be returned to the Driver’s License Office for approval. After the State of Wyoming approves the application, the Treasurer’s Office will issue the plates. Fees for handicapped plates are the same as regular plates. Vehicles displaying handicapped plates are authorized to park in any handicapped designated areas. 

The local Wyoming Driver’s License Office is located at 3200 Elk Street Rock Springs. Phone number (307) 352-3001.