Property Tax Payments & Delinquent Notices

Property Tax Payments & Delinquent Notices

Tax Notices 

Property taxes in Wyoming are billed and due September 1 of each year. 
Property tax notices are mailed annually the last working day in August and delivered by United States Postal Service the first week in September. The tax bill shows the amount due, the options for payment, distribution of tax to the taxing entities, legal description and reference a mortgage company if they have requested the tax information. Wyoming Statute 39-13-103 (b)(i)(A) provides “All taxable property shall be annually listed, valued and assessed for taxation in the county in which located”. A taxpayer is responsible for payment of taxes regardless of billing. If you do not receive a bill for any reason, taxes are still due and if paid late, interest will be collected. 

Tip: If you do not receive your tax bill by the second week of September, contact the Treasurer’s office to request a copy.  

Payment Dates 

Wyoming offers two options when making payment on property taxes. 

First option is to pay in two equal installments. The first installment must be paid or postmarked by November 10. The second installment must be paid or postmarked by May 10. 

Second option is to pay the full amount. The entire tax must be paid or postmarked on December 31. 

If a payment date falls on the weekend or a Sweetwater County holiday the next working day will be the due or payment date. 

Interest of 18% per annum will be due if payments are received after these delinquent dates. Delinquent payments must include interest or they will be returned for the payment to include the interest. If you have any questions on the correct amount due please contact the Treasurer’s office at (307) 872-3720. 

Mortgage or Escrow Payments 

Many taxpayers have escrow accounts set up with their mortgage payments. As a courtesy this office works with many mortgage companies and tax service companies so they have all the necessary information to make payments. A taxpayer is always sent a tax notice regardless of an escrow. If we are notified by the mortgage company prior to the tax billing, we will indicate that information on the tax notice. If you have questions about an escrow account you need to notify your mortgage company. 

If a taxpayer remits payment for taxes, the Treasurer’s office will try to notify the taxpayer if they still have an escrow before they receipt the payment. If the mortgage company and a taxpayer both remit payment for taxes, the first payment will be receipted and the duplicate payment will be returned. The Treasurer’s office does not accept duplicate payments. 

Delinquent Notices 

All real property taxes due represent a lien against the taxpayer. The county holds the lien. When taxes remain unpaid on May 11, the Treasurer must certify a list of delinquent taxes and taxpayers, followed by a demand for payment of these taxes plus interest of 18% per annum. The delinquent notice (demand for payment) will be mailed approximately a week after the 11th of May. The notice informs the taxpayer of the delinquency and if unpaid will be published three times and the lien subsequently sold at the tax sale. The notice will contain the date of the tax sale.