Tax Sales & Redemptions

Tax Sales & Redemptions

Tax Sale

The county recovers the loss of uncollected property tax revenue at the annual tax sale. The county sells its tax lien on the property to attending purchasers for the amount of taxes, interest and cost associated with the sale. The notice of sale must be published for three consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper within the county. As a general rule, this office publishes the notice every Thursday for three weeks and then holds the sale either the last Thursday in July or the first Thursday in August. State statute provides a tax lien purchaser interest at 15% per annum in addition to a 3% penalty the day of the purchase. Subsequent year taxes may also be paid by the purchaser and earn 15% interest.
You must be 18 years of age to attend the tax sale. (Per County Attorney's opinion)

TAX SALE LIST  (Includes $20 Advertising additional $20.00 for Certificate of Purchase will be collected at sale)

TAX SALE August 5, 2021





The legal owner of the property may redeem taxes sold at the annual tax sale. To redeem, the owner must pay to the Treasurer’s office the amount of the tax sold at the tax sale, a 3% penalty, 15% simple interest and a redemption fee. Any subsequent year taxes paid by the purchaser must also be paid with interest at the time of redemption.

Tax Deed
If the legal owner or mortgagors of the property do not redeem the property within four years from the date of sale, holders of the Certificate of Purchase can apply for tax deed. After notifying the County Treasurer and completing all the requirements in Wyoming State Statues 39-13-108 (e) (v), tax deed will be issued.