Taxation Calendar

Taxation Calendar


January 1       All taxable property is listed, valued and assessed for taxation in the name of the owner of record as of this date.  Tax lien established.  

March 1         Second installment of 2018 property tax due, delinquent May 11.

April *           2019 Assessment schedules mailed to taxpayers by County Assessor.  Written objections must be filed with Assessor within 30 days. 

May 10          Last day to pay or postmark second installment of 2018 property tax without interest. 

May 21          All unpaid county taxes delinquent.

                    Treasurer produces delinquent tax roll and mails delinquent notices to taxpayers. 

June 14 *         Last day to pay delinquent taxes without advertising costs. 

June 27*         First advertising notice of tax sale.

July 4 *           Second advertising notice of tax sale.

July 11 *       Third and final advertising notice of tax sale.

July 18          Tax Sale

August 7         County Commissioners levy taxes for the year 2019 

August 15  *     County Assessor certifies to State Board all county valuations and

August 15 *      County Assessor computes taxes and delivers assessment roll to County Treasurer for collection.

September 1     First half of 2019 property tax due, delinquent November 10. 

November 12     Last day to pay or postmark first installment of 2019 property taxes without interest.

December 31, 2018     Last day to pay or postmark full year 2019 property taxes without interest. 

*Tentative dates subject to change.