Cemetery & Burial Rights

Cemetery & Burial Rights

Oregon Trail State Veterans' Cemetery
Free burial plots, services, perpetual care, and military funeral honors are available to veterans and family members of the United States Armed Forces. Eligibility requirements are as follows:
  • Any veteran who has served in the Armed Forces and received a discharge other than dishonorable
  • Spouse, handicapped, or minor child (under the age of 23) in the same plot

Apply through your local funeral home or call (307) 236-6673 for more information.

Veteran Burials
Payment of $50 is required for services. All veterans service organizations (VSO) funeral details that have preregistered with the Wyoming Veterans Commission are eligible.

The Board of County Commissioners will provide for the preparation of, transmittal to, and burial in the veteran's cemetery of any other than a dishonorably discharged veteran who dies leaving insufficient funds for funeral expenses. The amount expended is not to exceed $500.

Call (800) 833-5987 or (307) 265-7372 for more information and an application.