Game & Fish Licenses

Game & Fish Licenses

Licenses for Discharged & Disabled Personnel
A lifetime bird, small game, and fish license will be issued free of charge to any resident and honorably discharged veteran who is over 65 years old and who has continuously resided in Wyoming for at least 30 years preceding application or to any disabled veteran who is 100% disabled. This license will be valid as long as the licensee remains a Wyoming resident.

A resident and disabled veteran who receives 50% or more disability is eligible for a free lifetime fishing license. Additionally, any veteran who is admitted to any Veterans Administration hospital within Wyoming gives that veteran an entitlement to fish free of charge while under the direct control of the hospital.

Licenses for Leave Time (Active Duty Personnel Only)
Any resident who is on active duty in the United States military deployed to a combat zone who is home on leave may apply to the department for a free resident elk or deer license in any hunt area not subject to prescribed means of competitive public issuance, a resident game bird, a resident small game license, and a daily fishing license.

How to Apply

To apply, contact or visit a Wyoming Game and Fish regional office. Call (800) 842-1934 for more information