State Benefits

State Benefits

Wyoming Veterans Tax Exemption
A letter from the VA Benefits Office in Cheyenne is needed to certify your VA disability to county officials. There are two types of exemption (only one of the following benefit types may be claimed).
  • $3,000 annual reduction in assessed county value of primary residence (approximately $213 in 2007 - dependent upon the tax district mil levy)
  • $3,000 annual reduction in county vehicle licensing fees, not to exceed $90 in exemption

Visit the local County Assessor's office for eligibility requirements, or visit the County Assessor's veteran tax exemption webpage for further details.

Free Recording of Discharge Documents
Any person who has served in the United States Armed Forces at any time, and who has been honorably discharged may present their DD-214 to the County Clerk's Office and have the document recorded for free.

Veteran's License Plates
A veteran who is 50% or more disabled due to a service-related injury is entitled to one free vehicle registration and license plate per year (present a VA disability letter). Former prisoners of war (POWs) are also entitled to one free vehicle registration and license plate per year. View other distinctive license plates available to current and former military personnel. Apply for a veteran's plate the County Treasurer's Office:
80 W. Flaming Gorge Way
Suite 139
Green River, WY 82935

Additional Benefits