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Surrendering a Title
Applying for Real Property Certification
Sometimes lending institutions require that a manufactured / mobile home be real property before a loan can a granted. By state statue, if a manufactured / mobile home owner wishes to have the home considered as real property for taxation purposes, the home has to be affixed to a permanent foundation and the title or Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) surrendered to the County Clerk’s Office. An Affidavit for Surrendering Title or MSO must be signed and notarized stating that the home is affixed to a permanent foundation.

It is important that the manufactured / mobile home owner realize that once a title or MSO is surrendered, the home can never be titled again. When a HUD-manufactured home is put on a permanent foundation and the title is surrendered it is still not considered the same as a site-built or a UBC modular home.

Requirements for Surrendering a Title

  • Taxes must be current on both the land and manufactured home for the year of surrender and all previous years.
  • The land and the manufactured / mobile home must be owned by the person or persons surrendering the title.
  • The manufactured home must be affixed to a permanent foundation with the wheels and axles removed.
  • The owner must surrender their title in the County Clerk’s Office - all liens must be released.