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Property Files & Home Evaluations
Property Files
A property file folder is maintained on each parcel of property. This file lists specific information and includes a basic sketch of the house and other structures. Information on other miscellaneous outbuildings and photographs of the buildings on the property are included. Property files are available for owners’ review to ensure the accuracy of the information used to generate property market value.

Appraising Residential Values

The main residential valuation model used by Sweetwater County is the market adjusted cost approach. Homes are valued based on what an average person would be willing to pay for a similar property. This information is derived by looking at current sales in the county. Every attempt is made to use sales that have the same characteristics as the subject property to be valued. These characteristics would include, but are not limited to, area, quality, condition, number of bathrooms, type of garage, number of stories, type of heating, roofing, siding, and amenities.

Sales data are collected through Statements of Consideration, a form filled out at the end of a sale showing sale price, type of sale, mortgage information, and more. The assessor verifies these Statements of Consideration to be sure they are valid sales - sales at fair market value. Fair market value is the amount of money a well-informed buyer would pay and a well-informed seller would accept for property that has been on the open market for a reasonable amount of time, assuming neither buyer nor seller is acting under pressure. When a sale is deemed valid, it can be used to help determine fair market value for other similar properties.

Contact Us
For additional information about property files and/or home evaluations, please contact the Assessor's Office at (307) 872-3700.