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Personal Property Assessment Schedules
General Overview
Personal property assessment schedules have the estimated market value and assessed value of the property reported by the business. Personal property assessed value is a factor of the estimated market value minus depreciation. As with all assessments, they must be appealed within 30 days of the postmark date if the business objects to the value. Learn more about the appeal process.

If a business does not file a listing of personal property on the appropriate form by the March 1 due date, a non-report estimate of value will be placed on the property based on the best available information and a fine may be imposed. The reporting deadline may be extended to April 1 if the Assessor’s Office is notified. According to Wyoming State Statute 39-13-108 (c), a business could be fined $500 with an additional $100 per day for failure to file or report accurately.

Annual Reporting

After the first year of reporting, our office generates and mails a personal property listing reflecting the information provided the previous year. Each business must verify what is listed, check for accuracy; make corrections, deletions, and/or additions; sign the form; and return it to our office by the March 1 due date. This form must be returned even if there has been no change in the business personal property.

Contact Us
For additional information about personal property assessment schedules, please contact the Assessor's Office at (307) 872-3700.