Ignite is used to view and manage insurance benefits.  Benefits can only be changed during open enrollment or as part of a qualifying event.  You can view insurance benefits, update personal information, and update beneficiaries anytime.  Your username is typically your work email address. 
UMR and OptumRx

This site has several tools that help with health insurance decisions.  You can order benefit cards, view claims, find providers, estimate costs, compare drug prices, and set up mail order prescriptions through OptumRx among other things.  To initially create an account (register) you will need your UMR member ID (located on your UMR card).  Your ID will then be something you choose.


This site is used to manage your Flex Spending Account (FSA).  You can check available balances, upload receipts for reimbursement and order cards.  You will need your 12 digit TASC ID to log in.

Wyoming Retirement

This site has many resources related to your Wyoming retirement accounts.  You can view statements, apply for retirement, get estimates, use retirement calculators etc.  You will need your RAIN ID to create an account.

Delta Dental

This site helps to manage your dental benefits.  You can view current benefits or find a provider. 


This site helps to manage your vision benefits through VSP.  You can view current benefits or find a provider.

Optum Bank

This site has tools to manage your health savings account.


You can use this site to submit claims and view your AFLAC benefits.